Tidewater Integrated Combat Symposium Speakers

We need YOU!

What do the Ferguson Center for the Arts, the PureSilk Championship and Relay for Life have in common with AFCEA Tidewater Chapter? Although each are different in scope, size, and audience from event to event one constant remains. Each one relies on volunteer support. Whether it’s greeting patrons, parking cars, escorting guests or day to day operations; each and every job is important and crucial to having a successful and memorable event.

AFCEA Tidewater Chapter will host the 2023 Tidewater Integrated Combat Symposium, or TWICS for short, here in Hampton and we are asking for your help in making this happen.

This year’s symposium success hinges on the commitment, dedication and professionalism that you bring. We look forward to working with each of you as we bring the future faster.

Sign up sheets coming soon! For more information email Twicsafcea@gmail.com.